Real Estate Investing Mentorship



Would you like a life of financial freedom? Become a Real Estate Investor!

Real Estate can make you a fortune and lead you to a life of freedom! But it can also be full of pitfalls and dangers. Many would-be investors struggle and never reach their goal and end up discouraged and some even give up.

Investing in real estate with background knowledge in the current market, financing, labor/material cost, and property management skills is the biggest mistake. Kay Mac is here to mentor you step by step on how become a successful Real Estate Investor.

During the 90 days of mentorship, a wealth of real estate gems are provided to mentees. New Investors will learn to structure a S-corp or LLC. Mentees will also learn techniques to build personal and business credit, strategies to fund investments, rehab investments etc. Mentees will also be provided business start-up funding resources and creative financing strategies to purchase investment properties, the same strategies used in managing a multi-million rental empire. Mentees will be invited on ongoing real estate projects and networking events.

Weekly classes are offered in class and virtual.

*No Refund Policy